The view from my window

The view from my window
The view from my window

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Winter drawers on!

Well it has finally arrived - winter that is.  Actually we had about five inches of snow once in November, I think it was, but that melted overnight and we have had nothing but sunshine since then. Even the ski resorts were in trouble over Christmas as there was no snow but it seems that has now finally changed.  We got snow on Saturday and Sunday and then again last night with some sunshine in between flurries  I really don't like driving on the snow but once I'm over the first day I just get on with it.  And to be fair, the French really do maintain the roads well in winter.  I guess they have to as so much of the local economy depends on winter tourism and skiing.

The view from my bedroom window

This morning was pretty grim though.  Almost three hours to get to work, which is pretty weird because again the roads were ok but traffic was awful, lining up to get through customs.  I was so glad to finally make it to the border where I could hop on the bus, hunker down with a good book and leave everything else to the bus driver.  I don't mind the winter really (especially when it starts so late like it has this year) and I don't even mind the cold (prefer it to sweltering heat anyway) but I don't like the commute much in the snow.  In fact, a car passed me today on the motorway and I swear the car behind him was only about three metres from his rear bumper.  Madness.

Geneva of course is pretty all year round but, like many places, particularly pretty in the snow.

The view from my office on to the lake

It's when I see views like these I'm reminded how lucky I am really.  Forget all the whingeing about wanting to retire (well I still want to retire of course but .....).  If I can blank out the thought of the journey home tonight it really is a winter wonderland.

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