The view from my window

The view from my window
The view from my window

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Got the monkey off my shoulder!

I didn't feel like walking today. We had a helluva storm last night and today, for the first time in ages, it was grey, windy and cold-ish. Cars coming down from villages higher up the mountain had quite a good coverage of snow and there were broken tree branches everywhere - so nah, I didn't feel like walking. But hey, I got that monkey off my shoulder - you know, the one who says "oh don't bother, just this once, it won't matter". And of course, it wouldn't matter, but I actually got off my backside and went walking again at lunchtime. Yay me!

It was too muddy to go on one of my usual circuits so I walked along the lakefront, and while it was pretty windy, it was a really pleasant walk. It definitely blows the cobwebs away and is a real mood booster. Also they usually have various exhibitions along the lake front - at the moment they have sculptures which, to be honest, are quite beyond me and my peasant heart, but previously they had photos of people from all over the world photographed in authentic, unretouched detail -  they were so interesting. OK so stopping to pour over sculptures or photos probably doesn't do much in the way of calorie burning, but at least I got out there right!

On Saturday night a friend and I went to see "Shrek, The Musical", performed by Simply Theatre, which is the under-18s theatre group. We saw them perform The Addams Family last year and they were fantastic. And Saturday they didn't disappoint either. In fact, we were talking on the way home and both agreed that we think we actually prefer them to the adult productions. Just wow, I don't know where they get their talent (or their confidence) from but they were amazing. (I have to admit to a little weakness here, but donkey could certainly have given Eddie Murphy a run for his money - couldn't find a picture on their site though. Shame!!!)

Then on Sunday I got to watch the latest match in the rugby six nations - England versus Italy. I love the six nations (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy) because it is on every year and while it doesn't last long you get to see some great rugby. Sunday's match was scrappy, but entertaining, rugby. The referee was French and usually when they want to address an issue with a specific player they shout "number 10 white", or "number 8 blue". For some reason this time the ref just called out, "hey you with the beard" and five Italians turned round! I guess you had to be there but it was really funny - and the giggling from the commentary box was a real treat!


  1. I've really started enjoying European soccer (football I guess), and would like to see if rugby could start migrating to the US. I am always amazed at the talent of youth, and the quality of productions. Perhaps they just go with the fun and don't think as much as grown ups do. My daughter is in a production of Les Mis this spring, playing Young Cosette, and I bet it will be incredibly entertaining.

    1. Wow young Cosette. That's quite a role. I would have shrivelled up at the thought of doing that so I envy those that can get out there and do it. And the US have had a rugby team in the last two world cups that I have watched and they were pretty darn good, particularly considering that it isn't a US sport (as yet - you might get lucky and have it take off). I love it.

  2. Yay for going ahead and walking whether you felt like it or not. I am finishing lunch and have to get moving right afterward. The monkey is here too.
    How wonderful that you support a youth arts group. I am continually amazed with how much talent some truly young people can have.
    I would have laughed out loud watching a broadcast with the beard comment and multi bearded ones turning around. That is very funny!

  3. I find first thing I am "yes I'm going to exercise", around 11.30 I think "oh sod it" and then I have to give myself that big kick in the butt and get out there - and I never regret it of course. And as far as Simply Theatre is concerned, it is a great pleasure to see them perform. I went on their website and left a message to say that, not being family or friends I could be brutally honest - and they were brilliant. I got a big thank you back!