The view from my window

The view from my window
The view from my window

Wednesday 7 September 2016

It' so difficult to post with the ipad

Well it was REALLY tiring getting here. I flew from Geneva Monday night but guess what - while I was waiting for my flight my oldest son called me to tell me got engaged! Little bugger - made me cry at the airport. Lily is a lovely Swiss girl but my fat fingers and Greek wifi mean I will have to write about that I get back. My youngest is already doing the paperwork for a civil partnership with his lovely French girlfriend but again - the old fat fingers! I suspect it will be an expensive year (but well worth it)!

So I finally got to Mykonos and I have to say it is probably one of the nicest groups I have travelled with. You soon home in on the people you have the most affinity with and to be honest it hasn't been difficult. Anyway this is too much like hard work so I will leave you (I hope) with some lovely pictures - I'm off to the pool!

And bugger it I can't get the pictures up. Will try tomorrow!

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